Krank is sales enablement via networking

We understand the frustration of going through countless correspondence including calls/emails when closing a deal. To help you buy & sell your heavy equipment quicker and easier Krank is a fuly integrated platform which will allow you to manage this seamlessly all in one place.

Tell me more about how Krank works…

Krank is 24/7

Krank will enable you to sell anywhere, anytime. It’s B2B auction marketplace means you & your co-workers can post listings, host an auction, build new contacts when you want, putting YOU in control.

Public vs Private

We know the market is complex, secretive, slow moving & all built on relationships. Our bespoke networking platform allows you to be in control of the complex. Set up your private networks & control your information flow.

All within the app

Within Krank’s secure equipment auctions platform you can call, video call, set up a virtual tour or a meeting. You don’t even have to exchange personal details, and that is what makes it a secure networking platform.

Start with the basics
Connecting buyers & sellers

Find the right buyer at the right time, with Krank’s cutting-edge technology driven construction equipment marketplace. Join now for free and start listing/auctioning your heavy equipment, without paying any commission!

Empowering you to
set up & run your own auctions

You no longer have to run an auction via a third party. Krank’s technology makes it possible for you to create your heavy equipment listings, allowing you to connect with your network of buyers and sellers. Get back in control.

How does Krank make things quicker and easier?

Access our platform on-the-go via the app. Take control of who views your listings. Promote them publicly or privately and set up meetings seamlessly. Host online equipment auctions and set up virtual storefront for a strong online presence. ​

Take control and get selling today with a FREE TRIAL
(usually £ 199 per month)