Attract, React, Engage & Convert - 'prepping your sales pipeline on Krank'

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Published on Mar 03, 2019

Is it the sales funnel, pyramid on pipeline? All pretty good metaphors for trying to describe the process that makes up the magic between marketing, sales and growing your business.

As Krank gets ever closer to launching on Apple's APP store (we launched on Google Play Store last week) and we demo the APP to more and more interested customers. There is one central theme that is now getting more and more distilled in our own presentation, 'reaction time'

Digital technology has empowered customers to demand more from companies they do business with, not least speed! response time.

The 'sales pipeline' is probably the best fit to describe the marketing and sales process on Krank, because the pipeline suggests a straight line, whereas a funnel describes more of a 'catch all' approach. If you get as many leads as possible and throw them into the funnel playing the numbers gain, basic laws of nature suggest you are going to convert some of those leads into sales. The 'sales pyramid' is sort of the funnel turned on its head, suggesting a number of steps that will eventually lead 'up to' converted sales. Don't get me wrong, both are tried and proven methods of brand awareness, lead generation and sales, but Krank is enabling you to explore a more straight line approach and it's really, really simple.


Attracting a 'prospective' audience is any company's biggest marketing and sales challenge. Whilst Krank is first and foremost a communication platform for the heavy equipment marketplace, it's also a platform that provides you with a unique space to showcase your company. You can start enhancing your presence on Krank by taking simple steps like uploading nice cover shots, your logo, embedding a hyper-link back to your own Website and inviting your employees to join the company's network. 

But the best way to attract your prospective audience is by creating your listings! Get some great shots of your equipment, embed links to spec sheets, upload inspection docs and basically provide your prospects with the information you know they want.


As mentioned above, the new expectation? Real-time response to customers.

According to new research published on Hubspot 82% of customers look for an immediate response from suppliers on marketing and sales questions.

If you get an enquiry from a customer on a machine, or part, or attachment, service etc. and you're able to answer that enquiry from your inventory, from a listing you've already created, you can react immediately from your computer, laptop or phone. That immediate reaction gives you the upper hand, it buys you time to work on alternatives if you think your offer might not be an exact fit, but most importantly (for me anyway) its showing your customer that they are your priority.


Once you've created your listings, share them. Share them across all of your social media platforms, share them by email, share them by Whatsapp (from your Krank APP). This costs you nothing but gives you powerful reach and then engage with your prospects and your clients. Krank is a tool to help facilitate face time with your prospects. Our industry is a 'face-to-face' industry. When you use all of the tools available to you in Krank, getting a meaningful face-to-face meeting will just be 'natural progression' in the enquiry life cycle.


We need to solve problems, react fast, come up with the right answers, the right price and tick just about every box there is to tick on our customer's list. Whilst a nice looking listing, a fast reaction time to an enquiry can't guarantee a converted sale, it certainly can't hurt your chances. The reaction time with the right answer is hopefully going to help you get the face-fo-face to discuss the enquiry in greater detail and then go on to convert to a sale.

Speak to your marketing teams, build your inventory of listings and get them out there. Once you're set up, use Krank to constantly prep and refresh your sales pipeline.

If you have any questions, or need any help with your listings our team at Krank are ready to help!

Just drop us a line at [email protected]