How Artificial Intelligence is going to revolutionize construction

Category: General Construction
London, United Kingdom

Published on Jun 06, 2019

It is no news that the Construction / Heavy Equipment Industry is one that is generally reluctant to change. However, it seems that some key innovations are capable of starting an avalanche of acceptance when it comes to Artificial Intelligence . Within the past few days Buildit Robotics, partnered with Mortenson Construction, have announced that they will be one of the first in their industry to both accept and integrate AI robotics into their projects. 

This innovative technology allows for the automation of heavy equipment like bulldozers, skid steers, rebar tying equipment, etc. which provides a safer and more efficient work environment. Embedded software are capable of outlining the machines generally monotonous goals, and allowing it to work during all 24 hours of the day; something that has yet to be achievable up to this point. This, coupled with cameras and sensors that aid in the avoidance of people and other equipment, allow these intelligent machines to work around the clock with little to no risk involved.

When talking about integrating Artificial Intelligence into any sort of work environment, it is important to understand the feeling of the workers that are employed in the field. It would be understandable to think that laborers would resent a machine that automates their job.  According to a Construction Dive article, this is thankfully not the case.  Instead, employees on the jobsite see these technologies as an opportunity for job enrichment. Having extensive knowledge about these technologies allows them to commoditize themselves in a way that had never before been possible.  

The combination of safer & more efficient machinery, higher educated workers, and cutting edge technology seems like one that would yield huge changes in the heavy equipment industry. With self-sufficient machines coming into the light, it goes without saying that there is much revenue to be made with the buying / selling, renting, and using of them.