KRANK salutes the road warriors!

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London, United Kingdom

Published on May 30, 2019

Currently sitting in the hotel lounge at my luxurious Hampton Inn, Jamaica, JFK! holding on for as long as I can before I need to head back to the airport again.

What a hero! I've been on the road for the last month, literally getting on and off planes, driving for miles and sleeping in some good and some not so good hotels. I started off moaning for sympathy from my wife, 'You have no idea, I drove for 6 hours today through accidents, traffic jams, dodging the biggest trucks on the planet' and, 'I arrived into Arkansas at midnight, drove for an hour through torrential rain to get to my hotel and then found out I could have been hit by a tornado, as four of them had touched down in the area the same night!!!'

American's do have a word for 'whimp' but it's probably best I don't put it down here but we know what it is. Anyway, I have to laugh because as I look back at all of the complaints to my wife just to make sure that she in no way felt I was out here enjoying myself on this trip, I realize that the guys and girls in equipment sales over the country do this on a regular basis!

I'm still buzzing from my trip because it has been an incredible success, the reception to KRANK has been amazing and the feedback more than I could have hoped for, but wow has it opened my eyes! 

We're still working on our subscription model, yes, KRANK does hope to start making some money at some point. Most likely we will launch the subscription model in about 6 months time and I've decided that our first premium account will be called 'The Road Warrior' dedicated to the salesmen and women that do what I've done for the past month, week in, week out! What a pathetic whimp I am, a bit of rain? may have run the risk of meeting a tornado at night? a couple of rough hotels? hours behind the wheel? Can you imagine doing that all year round? Well, yes, I can now and seriously to all the road warriors out there visiting customers and moving big iron - huge respect!

You're going to see the app just keep on improving as we aim to make your jobs easier especially whilst you're on the road! KRANK's app is already unsurpassed in the industry in that it gives you all of your connections, your networks and your inventory in your phone enabling you to react immediately to a customer enquiry where ever you are, but trust me it's only going to get better. We've just about finished the phone book sync module and are going into final testing next week. This is going to let you sync your phone book contacts directly to your KRANK app and let you connect faster and easier with your customers. The new KRANK chat is finished on Web (not released yet) and will be going into testing on the app within the next 3 weeks - it's 'epic' - (I know because I've seen it). It's going to give you a state of the art communication tool and finally, you're going to see some cool UI enhancements including slick new shortcuts on your home screen. These shortcuts will be customizable and you'll have the opportunity to choose what you want front and centre on your app; your marketplace, your chat, your connections - up to you. It's good stuff and our aim is just to keep bringing it!

Oh! and we're getting ready to release the new sales - private connections feature very soon, (we're in final testing). Designed specifically for the 'road warrior' it's the tool that you've always wanted, so stay on your app and watch out for it.

Finally, I'd just like to say thank you to everyone that gave me and KRANK the time of day and for your fantastic hospitality.

God Bless America! God Bless the Road Warriors! - stay safe and network more - trade more! oh and God Bless Crackerbarrel too!