KRANK sponsors Randall Reilly's inaugural BIG IRON DEALERSHIP Award

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London, United Kingdom

Published on Oct 18, 2018

I thought our first sponsored event deserved a few words.

We were very honoured to have been invited by Randall-Reilly headquartered out of Tuscaloosa, Alabama to sponsor their inaugural BIG IRON DEALERSHIP Award and what an honour it was!

The award also formed part of their fourth annual R-Squared event, an exclusive event running over three days, where they invite customers, guests and industry key note speakers to inform, educate and discuss industry trends, the latest digital marketing strategies and networking opportunities. It was just a 'stand-out' event from start to finish, and one where we hope we'll be invited to sponsor and take part in again next year. Randall Reilly are a company that just know what they are doing and who are very good at it, they were also the most amazing hosts!

ALTA Equipment were the winners of the first award this year and I got to spend time with the company's inimitable Marketing and Business Development Director, Scott Sebastian, who in his not so distant past was heavily involved in motor sports at the highest level. In fact I think it's fair to say our discussions were more Nascar and F1 than construction equipment, but never the less what an honour!

My biggest take away from the whole event was that with each new day, this industry is changing. Data in our industry is key, how we use it and make it work for us makes a difference and data driven marketing is just smart! Thank you Randall Reilly, thank you ALTA and to all of the other finalists and dealers present last week, can't wait until the next one!