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London, United Kingdom

Published on Apr 11, 2019

When KRANK was first conceptualized, we had envisaged a private networking and communication App for the heavy equipment marketplace. A tool which KRANK’s users could use to communicate with and market themselves to their customers and suppliers alike.

Launching our APP we made the decision to remove the ‘public marketplace’ from KRANK and in doing so have just made it infinitely more 'PRIVATE'. Trust me, possibly the most counter-intuitive and agonizing decision we've made so far in our development! But then when you really think about it, perhaps not because it really does make sense.

You will now have just your ‘network marketplace’ which means nobody will see your listings unless they are networked with you. 

It also follows though, that if you don't have any networks or don't create any listings your marketplace and your newsfeed will be empty and things may feel a little quiet for you around here.

Simply put this now means that:

  • You can safely invite your customers and suppliers to network with you on KRANK
  • Each company on KRANK will only see listings of companies they are networked with in their marketplace
  • There is absolutely 100% no risk that any of your networks can find your competitors through a public marketplace, because it literally no longer exists!
  • You can create your own listings and stay up to date with a fully searchable marketplace of your suppliers’ listings

To get the best out of this unique, new, technology-platform we strongly suggest you start inviting your customers and suppliers to network with you and create your listings. The more content you generate through listings, news, photos and articles, the more engagement you will drive, extending your influence to the people that matter most to your business.

We hope you enjoy this empowering ‘pivot’ in KRANK’s development and will use it to propel your businesses to new heights!

KRANK was after all, ‘Designed for Heavy Industry, built for success!’

Best regards,