Krank is a completely secure online networking platform where you establish each connection in private. Your business creating multiple private trading networks with other businesses, allowing you to buy, sell and collaborate.
A company to company network is a private network connection between your business and another.
No, Kranks architecture is built with absolute privacy in mind. It is impossible for each of the businesses yours is networked with to know that each other exist, unless you tell them.

Registration / Login / Delete my company account

If you haven’t received a verification email from Krank to your inbox, please check your junk or spam box as your server won’t be used to receiving traffic from Krank. If it is in your junk or spam box, please mark the email as ‘safe’ so that all future emails from Krank hit your inbox.
If the verification email is not in your junk or spam box, please contact us at [email protected] and we’ll get our technical team to take a closer look.
The email address that you want to be associated with your Krank account will automatically be your login username.
If you've forgotten your password, hit the Forgot password button forgot password button on the login page and enter the email address you used to register on Krank. You will then receive a reset password link by email.
In order to delete your company's account on Krank please contact us at [email protected] directly. Deleting your account will also delete all of your employees from your account on Krank, their personal profiles and their listings.
Once your account has been finally deleted, all of your information including personal profiles, all news items and listings will be deleted.

Managing your company profile

Your company page on Krank is the only page that is available for the public to view. It's an ideal place to advertise your company, list the industries it's involved in and any specialities, skills etc. Your company page will also include your company's public newsfeed which could include:
  • Listings of equipment for sale or rent which you would like to advertise publicly
  • Product launches
  • Company news, updates, videos and any other information that you would like the public to have access to
Who? Anyone can edit your company’s profile page, but we would suggest you create internal rules for the management of the page. Where?
  • By clicking on your Dashboard menu, then selecting: Company Profile in the Profile settings tab or
  • By clicking on your general drop down menu, in the top right hand corner of your screen which you can access by clicking on your profile picture.
    Then go down and click on Company Profile Settings
Look at the top right hand corner of your company banner picture window pane and hit the camera icon.

Then choose the picture from your computer that you'd like to upload. We recommend you choose a strong image, one that you're proud of which would ideally be a landscape image, no bigger than 5MB for a faster upload.

For best results we recommend the following specs for your image:

File size: No larger than 5MB
File type: JPG, JPEG, PNG
Recommended image size: 1260 (w) pixels x 390 (h) pixels .
Click on the square in the middle of your company banner image pane where the logo will sit and hit the icon.

For best results we recommend the following specs for your logo image:

File size: No larger than 5MB
File type: JPG, JPEG, PNG
Recommended image size: 360 (w) pixels x 360 (h) pixels
  • Website URL
  • Industry
  • Company Size
  • Type
  • Company Profile
  • Company Address

To edit any further information on your Company Profile page click on the edit forgot password button icon underneath your company logo or click on the edit Company Settings button forgot password button on the bottom right hand corner of your Company banner image pane

Managing your personal profile

Your personal profile page is your space. You can keep a track of your listings, networks and connections through your profile card on the left hand side of your page

The personal profile banner picture specs are the same as with your company profile banner picture specs and your personal profile picture specs are the same as your logo specs
This is where you share a news update, product launch or even the joke of the day and choose from the publishing privacy options who to share it to.
To upload a photo, click the upload photo button and choose the image file from your computer.
Yes, you can. To delete a photo post go to the post in your newsfeed and hit the trashcan icon button in the top right hand corner of the post.
Make sure you are following these photo specs:
  • File size: No larger than 5MB
  • File type: JPG, JPEG, PNG
If you're still having trouble contact us at [email protected]
You can copy and paste links to articles you've seen somewhere as well as YouTube and Vimeo video links. Once you've pasted the link hit the post button when you can see it in the box.
Just hit the trash icon in the top right hand corner of the post.
When you tag one of your connections on Krank in a post, the person you have tagged will receive a direct notification containing a link to the post. Tagging connections will ensure they see your post if they're on Krank.
If you're trying to tag someone but their name doesn't appear as an option check that you're connected with them. You can only tag someone that you are connected to. If you are connected and you are still having problems contact us at [email protected]
You will have two types of connections in your personal profile:
  1. 1. Your company connections

    These will be your colleagues that work in your company with you. If they are on your company's Krank account, simply click on your Company Profile, look at the right hand side of the news feed under: Other Employees in your company Send connection requests to those colleagues you want to connect with
  2. 2. How do I invite my co-workers to join our company’s network?

    To invite your co-workers to your company network, do the following:
    1. Click on the Add Co-workers button in your newsfeed or go to:
    2. Dashboard menu – Manage Accounts – Add Co-workers
    3. Type in the email address of your Co-worker
    4. Click the Add email button
    5. Repeat for each Co-worker
    6. When you’re ready, click the ‘INVITE’ button
  3. 3. Your network connections

    These are your connections working in the businesses that your company is in private trading networks with. To add more connections, just click on My Networks at the top of your dashboard or go to My Networks in your dashboard menu. Search your networks for new connections and send connection requests
Only you can see your connections, nobody else.
No, your networks can not see each other through your network, it is impossible. (The only way they might see each other is if they are in a private network with each other, independent of you)
To invite people and companies you do business with and create new networks, you need to:
  1. Share an invitation link:
    1. Copy the invitation link with the button provided
    2. Download the email template if you need to
    3. Paste the link in to the email template provided or your own email blast out to your email contacts database
  2. Individual emails:
    1. Click on Invite companies at the top of your dashboard newsfeed or go to: Dashboard menu – Manage Accounts – Invite Companies
    2. Type the email addresses of the people you wish to invite and press the Send button when ready
  3. Email database (CSV or Excel files)
    1. Upload a CSV or Excel file
    2. You can use the template provided on the page if you wish
    3. Upload your database of email addresses only
    4. Be sure to include the word ‘Email’ at the top of the column of the addresses you are uploading
  4. GOOGLE and OUTLOOK contacts:
    1. Hit the buttons provided and follow the directions on screen
To delete a connection, go to My Connections. (To make it easier to find them you can sort your connections by network) Once you've found the connection you want to delete, roll your cursor over the profile picture. When the profile picture goes red, just hit the button and the connection will be removed.
No, once you've deleted a connection they will no longer be able to see anything that you publish and you will no longer to see anything they publish.
Only your company connections can see each other on Krank. Your different network connections can not see each other.
Your stats page includes statistics on the following items:

Profile Stats
How many views your personal profile has received

Company Profile Stats
How many times your company's profile has been viewed

Listing Stats
How many views your listings have received

Connection Requests Received and Sent Networks joined

Managing my networks

A dealer network is used by a manufacturer or large company with several branches to appoint their dealers or branch offices as designated dealer networks. Once dealer networks have been formed listings can be ‘assigned’ to dealer networks for greater coverage in advertising.

You will either appoint a dealer network or you will be appointed as a dealer network by a manufacturer or your head office.
Your dealer networks will be advertised on your company profile pages.
Yes, If you appointed a dealer network this will be advertised on your company profile and also through your newsfeed when you are appointed.
Every time a new network request sent from one of your company's employees to another business and is accepted, your company has a new network. Every time someone authorised in your company accepts a new network request from another business, your company has a new network. All of your company's networks can be found by clicking My Networks at the top of your dashboard page. Also, when a new network is created between your company and another business, every employee of your company who is on Krank and every employee of the other business who is on Krank will receive a post confirming the new network.
Each company's profile in the new network and their connections can be viewed from the buttons in the post.
A network group is where you can create a group of networks almost like a speed dialler list. Creating a group of networks allows you to post news items, product updates and listings and just share them to specific groups of networks, rather than all of them.
To create a network group, click on My Networks at the top of your dashboard or select My Networks from your dashboard menu. Click on the Network Group button, or if you don't have any groups yet click on the Create/Edit Group button on the top right hand side of your networks page. To edit a group, select the group to edit or to add a group, type the new group name, type the names of the networks until they appear. When they appear click the full network name with it's logo and continue the process. Once you've finished make sure to click the Save button to save your new group.
No, creating a network group does not impact the privacy hierarchy of your private networks. Each of your networks are completely private and independent. Creating network groups is just a convenient tool for you.
To delete a network from your company's Krank account, you have to either be a line admin or the company's super admin.

Remember once you delete a network from your company's Krank account, you are deleting it for the whole company.

To delete a network, hover your cursor over the networked company's logo. It will turn red, click and the network will be deleted from your Krank account.
No, once you have deleted a network and your two companies are no longer in a private trading network, neither company will be able to share any news or listings unless they are available through the company's public newsfeed or in the case of listings available in the public marketplace (although your company's details will not be visible).

Listings - Sale & Rent

Go to your dashboard menu:
Go to the top right hand corner and hit Add Sale/Rent link in the Listings tab
Select x Sale or x Rent depending on which type of listing you want to create and follow the steps in the form.
If you've chosen a category, e.g. Earthmoving & Compaction and there is no sub-category to match your equipment, just select ‘other' and continue to follow the steps to create your listing.
If the name of the manufacturer of equipment isn't in Krank's database, just fill in the name yourself. Be sure to check that you have the correct spelling. The manufacturer's name you have typed will be saved in Krank's database and will show up in searches
Once you've filled in the description of your listing on the second page of add listing, you will see SPECIFICATION URL (S)
  • Enter the title of the spec sheet you want to include, e.g. Bigcrane 1 spec sheet
  • Find the specification URL of the spec sheet you want to add online; it should look something like this:
  • Copy the URL of the spec sheet you want to feature in your listing
  • Paste it in to the space provided for SPECIFICATION URL (S)
  • Then hit the Add Specification button
  • To add another spec sheet, repeat the process above.
You can include 2 spec sheets per listing.
If your town or city is not already listed in the drop down menu for your country, hit the Add your city button in the location tab of add listing. Be sure to enter the correct spelling and Krank's database will store it so you will not have to repeat the process a second time.
We recommend no more than 10 images. Make sure you upload good quality pictures of your equipment to show it in it's best light.

Pictures should ideally be the following spec:

File size: No more than 4MB for a faster upload
File type: JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF
Get your lighting right Light is really important for taking pictures of heavy equipment and even spare parts. If you're taking pictures in bright mid-day sun mean, you'll loose contrast and definition in showing off the equipment. For best results try and snap your shots early in the morning, later in the evening or on bright, but overcast days.

Check the background of your shot If you really want to highlight just the equipment, try and keep your background plain. If you're looking to promote the equipment against a backdrop of other parts of your fleet that's also good. Try and avoid distracting images in the background and play around with the perspective of your shot by playing with different angles to show your equipment in an eye-catching way.

Your iphone camera is just fine The lens technology on smart phones these days means you can take great, hi-resolution shots just perfectly without the need of expensive cameras. Just make sure you get your lighting right and play with the perspective.

Keep clicking away In this case more is better. If you just keep taking shots, you'll at least get a couple of decent ones.

You want to get the best price for your equipment and encourage buyers to come and inspect, start as you mean to go on and present it in the best way possible with good pictures.
Once you've uploaded your listing photos, you then might want to add a video of your equipment in action.

To do this, go to where your video is currently hosted, i.e. on YouTube or Vimeo.

  • Copy the URL link from your browser
  • e.g.
  • Paste the link to your video in to the video URL link box
  • Give your video a title
  • Then hit the Add video button
You can only add YouTube or Vimeo URL links, also make sure you hit the blue Add Video button to add your video.
Show listing to all
Your listing will be available to all of your connections, all of the connections in your company's different networks and will also be available to view on Krank's public marketplace.

Show listing to my connections only
Only your own connections will be able to view your listing

Show listing to my networks only
All of the connections in all of your company's networks will be able to view your listing

Show listing to my company connections only
Only your company connections in your own company will be able to view your listing

Select network group
Only connections in the networks belonging to a selected network group will be able to view your listing

Sharing to my social media platforms

Yes, you can, you can share any listing or post to
Only listings where you have selected the privacy option: Show listing to all can be shared to your other social media Websites

Updates / Posts
Only updates or posts where you have checked the option: Publish this to your company profile’s public newsfeed can be shared to your other social media Websites.

Bidbox for Sellers

No, you must first subscribe to the PRO account to enable Bidbox hosting on your KRANK network
No, there are no sales commissions chargeable on your bidbox
No, KRANK doesn’t charge the buyers any fees at all, we consider this a barrier to entry to your success and theirs
If you have a bad experience with any network or connection on KRANK, just report it to us and our Admin team will investigate. If we find evidence of inappropriate behaviour, we reserve the right in KRANK’s T&Cs to delete that individual’s or company’s network from KRANK.
No, again we consider that a barrier to entry to both your success. Each buyer must first network with you and you ultimately decide who can bid in your bidbox
Yes, you will be charged a nominal listing fee of 2.5% of your BUY NOW price, which is capped to a maximum fee of $1,000 per listing
Your listing fee must be paid in advance through our payment gateway before you can publish your Bidbox
No, our listing fee is just that, you are paying to advertise your Bidbox in the Bidboxs platform. The listing fee is ‘non-refundable’
Go to your Main menu, navigate to your BIDBOX tab

Hit Add Bidbox and follow the on-screen wizard
Yes, you can add up to 4 listings in each multiple-lot. Follow the on-screen wizard when selecting which listings, you would like to include in your Bidbox.
Before publishing your Bidbox, you will be prompted to complete 2 template forms which you can edit:
  • 1. Seller declaration
  • 2. Purchase contract
In your purchase contract you will include your payment terms together with any INCO terms. Buyers must accept your terms before bidding on your Bidbox lots. You will be paid directly to your nominated business account and transact your sale as you normally would
No KRANK does not get involved in your financial transaction at all, it is between you and the winning bidder.
All bidders must first send you a Bid request/Network request. If you are not already in a private network with the bidder, you will have the opportunity to first conduct due diligence on them before accepting their bid request and network request. Once you have accepted the bid request, the bidder must agree to your seller declaration and purchase contract before commencing bidding.
KRANK provides you solely with the technology to host your own Bidbox and as we’re not involved in your deal flow, any dispute is between you and the bidder. Click here to review again KRANK’s terms & conditions

However, remember you are transacting business as you normally would. If you stipulate 100% cash in advance before load-out of your yard, then if you don’t get paid when you’re supposed, your property stays in your yard.

Also, very importantly because every bidder must network with you first before bidding in your Bidbox, you can arrange a mutual time for a full inspection before they decide to bid.
When you enable HIT THE BID in your settings page, this means that you will be able to bring the Bidbox to an early close, once you are happy with the price level bidding has reached.

Each lot will run for 30 days. When you HIT THE BID button in your listing, the time remaining will drop down to just 24 hours. Each bidder will get notified that you have HIT THE BID at a certain price and that the Bidbox has 24 hours left to run, if they want to keep bidding.


BUY NOW PRICE = $10,000.00
CURRENT BID = $8,500.00

If you HIT THE BID at $8,500.00 this means that you are accepting this bid and are willing to sell your item to the bidder at the price of $8,500.00

However, remaining buyers have 24 hours to increase their bid if they wish to
Absolutely, just go to MY BIDBOX, select the Bidbox listing you want to close, hit the ‘edit’ icon in the listing.

This will take you to your settings page.

Finally, hit the NOTIFY BIDDERS THAT LOT HAS BEEN SOLD AT BUY NOW PRICE The Bidbox will automatically cease, and all bidders will be notified that it has been sold at the BUY NOW price.

Bidbox for Buyers

No, there are no buyer fees chargeable by KRANK, but you must be sure to check the Seller’s purchase contract carefully before accepting and deciding to participate in their Bidbox.
If you have a bad experience with any network or connection on KRANK, just report it to us and our Admin team will investigate. If we find evidence of inappropriate behaviour, we reserve the right in KRANK’s T&Cs to delete that individual’s or company’s network from KRANK.
All disputes must be settled directly between you and the seller. You must read carefully the seller’s ‘seller declaration’ and ‘purchase contract’ before entering into any Bidbox to bid on any lot.

Remember though, you must first privately network with the seller before you can bid in their Bidbox. This affords you ample time to thoroughly inspect any items before you bid. We would strongly advise you on buyer bigger ticket items to organise a professional 3rd-party inspector to inspect with you, and on your behalf.

You should be absolutely comfortable and agreement with all of the seller’s documents and the items before you place any bid.
Firstly, you must select the listing you’d like to bid on. If you are already networked with the seller simply hit the BID NOW button on the listing and you’ll be prompted to first, electronically sign the Seller declaration and the Purchase contract. Once you’ve done this you can start to place your bids.

If you’re not in a private network with the seller, hit the Send Network Request button in the listing. The Seller will review your network request. Once they accept your request, you will then be able to hit the BID NOW button in the listing and follow the steps above.
Each Bidbox lot will run for 30 days. If pricing has reached a level at which the seller is happy to dispose of his item, he can hit his HIT THE BID button at any time.

When this happens, the time remaining to the Bidbox End will drop down to just 24 hours. Each bidder will get notified that the bid has been hit at a certain price and that the Bidbox has 24 hours left to run, if they want to keep bidding.


BUY NOW PRICE = $10,000.00
CURRENT BID = $8,500.00

If the seller hits the bid at $8,500.00 this means that they are accepting this bid and are willing to sell their item to the bidder at the price of $8,500.00

However, remaining buyers have 24 hours to increase their bid if they wish to
You are dealing directly with the seller and this should have all been covered off in the purchase contract. Just contact the seller directly, arrange to make your payment and discuss the details of how you will receive your items