Each auction will run for 30 days. If pricing has reached a level at which the seller is happy to dispose of the item, he can hit his BID BOOST button at any time.

When this happens, the time remaining for the auction to end will drop down to just 24 hours. Each bidder will get notified that the bid boost has been hit at a certain price and that the auction has 24 hours left to run, if they want to keep bidding.


BUY NOW PRICE = $10,000.00
TIME REMAINING UNTIL AUCTION ENDS: 25 days 07 hrs 20 mins 24 sec
CURRENT BID = $8,500.00

If the seller Bid Boost at $8,500.00 this means that they are accepting this bid and are willing to sell their item to the bidder at the price of $8,500.00

The remaining buyers have 24 hours to increase their bid if they wish to.

How will bidders get notified when the seller has BID BOOST?

All bidders will get notified by email and push notifications to their Krank platforms and apps.