How do I create a listing?

There are two places where you can add your listings:

A. Go to your main dashboard menu, hit the Create Listing button at the top of your screen and follow the form on your screen.

B. Go to your main dashboard menu, click on My Listings on your menu panel on the left-hand side of your screen, then click Add Listing 

Follow the steps for either Sale or Rent.

I have a large inventory; can I upload my listings automatically?

Contact the Krank team directly at [email protected] send us an excel or .csv file of your inventory including the URL links to your listing images. Your inventory will be 

mapped and uploaded for you automatically.

When we’ve mapped it once you don’t have to repeat the process, just send your inventory file whenever you want to update it; daily, weekly or monthly and it will be

updated automatically.

When I create a listing, I can’t see the correct sub-category for my item, what should I do?

If you've chosen a category, e.g. Earthmoving & Compaction and there is no sub-category to match your equipment, just select 'other' and continue to follow the steps to create your listing.

I can’t see the manufacturer’s name of my equipment in the drop-down menu, what should I do?

If the name of the manufacturer of equipment isn';t in Krank';s database, just fill in the name yourself. Be sure to check that you have the correct spelling. The manufacturer's name you have typed will be saved in Krank's database and will show up in searches

How can I add a spec sheet to my listing?

Once you've filled in the description of your listing on the second page of add listing, you will see SPECIFICATION URL (S)

  • Enter the title of the spec sheet you want to include, e.g. Big crane 1 spec sheet
  • Find the specification URL of the spec sheet you want to add online; it should look something like this:
  • Copy the URL of the spec sheet you want to feature in your listing
  • Paste it into the space provided for SPECIFICATION URL (S)
  • Then hit the Add Specification button
  • To add another spec sheet, repeat the process above.

My town or city is not listed in the towns and cities for my country, what should I do?

If your town or city is not already listed in the drop-down menu for your country, hit the Add your city button in the location tab of add listing. Be sure to enter the correct spelling and Krank's database will store it so you will not have to repeat the process a second time.

How many pictures can I upload in one listing?

We recommend no more than 10 images. Make sure you upload good quality pictures of your equipment to show it in its best light.

Pictures should ideally be the following spec:

File size: No more than 4MB for a faster upload File type: JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF

I’m having trouble uploading a video to my listing, what am I doing wrong?

  • Check your video is in the right format. You can only upload YouTube or Vimeo files.
  • Copy the URL link from your browser
  • e.g.
  • Paste the link to your video into the video URL link box
  • Give your video a title
  • Then hit the Add video button