Invite co-workers / contacts

How do I invite co-workers to join our company’s network and contacts to connect and network with our company?

Go to your homepage main dashboard menu, click on Connections, choose the invitation option you want, copy the link, paste it and email the link to your co-worker.

Your co-worker just needs to hit the link and follow the instructions on screen to join your company’s network and get connected with you.

Your contact needs to follow the same link and register on Krank (if they’re not already). Once they’ve registered, they’ll automatically be networked with your company and connected with you.

My co-worker has left our company, how can we delete them from our company network?

If an employee has left, please contact us at [email protected] and our team will remove them from your company’s network.

If we delete a co-worker from our company network, what happens to their listings and other data they may have posted?

When you ask us to delete them from your company network, let us know what you want to do with the data. We can transfer the listings for you to another profile or delete them entirely.