Personal Profile

Your personal profile in brief

Your personal profile page is your space. You can keep a track of your listings, auctions, networks and connections through your profile card on the left hand side of your page

The personal profile banner picture specs are the same as with your company profile banner picture specs and your personal profile picture specs are the same as your logo specs

Where can I edit my personal profile details?

Click on your profile picture in the top right-hand corner of your main home page, Select Personal Profile Settings from the drop-down menu to update.

How can I upload my personal profile picture?

Click on the image circle in the left-hand corner of your main home page, upload your image.

For best results we recommend the following specs for your profile image:

File size: No larger than 5MB
File type: JPG, JPEG, PNG
Recommended image size: 360 (w) pixels x 360 (h) pixels

Why do I need to verify my cell number?

We suggest you verify your cell number. It helps the Krank admin team verify your ID. Once done, you’ll get a green verified check mark against your profile which will give potential business contacts and buyers greater comfort when reaching out to you. Also, you’ll need to have verified your cell number before bidding in any auction.