Reserve / No Reserve price auction?

You have the choice to choose between hosting a reserve or no reserve price auction.

If I choose a No Reserve price auction, why do I have to enter an estimated price for my item?

In order to establish your minimum bid increments, you must enter an estimated price to establish the baseline for your auction.

What price does my No Reserve auction sell at?

Your no reserve auction sells to the highest bidder at any price.

What if my Reserve auction doesn’t meet my reserve price?

If your auction fails to meet the reserve price you entered, it will not sell.

If my Reserve auction doesn’t sell, can I rerun my auction?

Yes, you can rerun your auction once it has expired.

How can I rerun my auction?

To rerun your auction:

  • Go to your main homepage dashboard screen, click Auctions in your left-hand main menu.
  • Go to My Auctions
  • Search and select the auction to wish to rerun
  • Click on click here in the yellow notification on the auction listing card and follow the on-screen instructions.