From early concept, we understood that in order to make a difference we needed to design a product that would help you sell more, rent more and buyer smarter, and in addition to that, our value proposition in terms of cost needed to be unrivalled.

We’re confident that as you start your journey on Krank you’ll begin to unlock and harness the power of your company’s network and see Krank as just the tool to do that!

A one-of-a-kind online marketplace

Krank is a one-of-a-kind marketplace that allows you to create networks to fill your heavy equipment pipeline. Because you choose from your private connections to create the marketplace, you’re always in control of it.

This is the first platform of its kind to give companies total control of how they sell, buy and rent heavy equipment, ensuring you of a competitive advantage today and tomorrow as your needs evolve.

Krank is face-to-face and social

Business and in particular the business of trading equipment is all about connections and face-to-face. Krank’s technology was designed to encourage and enhance face-to-face interconnectedness, whilst providing a level of security that allows you to trade comfortably in your chosen marketplace with your chosen partners.

Krank is essentially about giving users a level of control they’ve never enjoyed in the Online heavy equipment marketplace and there are no fees. You create your own account and then you set up your networks of contacts that you want to do business with. It’s all about connections, which you are able to leverage to your advantage. The more networks you create, the more potential marketplaces you will be able to use when buying, selling, trading or renting.

It's who you know

The networks you create with Krank are exclusive to the contacts you allow in. For instance, rental fleet owners can advertize units for sale and rent on Krank, but only those individuals who are networked with the fleet owner can access those details. Buyers can search for specific equipment and request more information. The fleet owner can review the prospective buyer’s profile and decide if they want to network with them. If so, the request is accepted and private company-to-company conversations can follow.

Your connection are private and secure

Each company’s network of contacts is secure, and the equipment listings they post can always be private, if that’s what they choose, so there is no danger of sensitive commercial information being leaked.

Buy, sell, trade and rent

All equipment transactions take place in exclusive marketplaces that you control. This activity can be between two people, two companies, entire industries or the world. It’s up to you. In any market, Krank puts you in control of the deal.


Networking sets Krank apart from any other marketing tool in the equipment industry. Users will be able to create and use company-to-company private networks, network groups and private company internal networks. Within network groups, no members will know who else is in the group. The company’s private internal networks operate like Yammer, but Krank offers this service free.

Dealer Networking

Krank’s dealer module is the perfect platform for large businesses to collaborate and share information with their dealers both nationally and globally. Once dealer networks have been created, equipment listings can be assigned to them, sharing the ownership of the listing. Dealers can receive enquiries directly on those listings and advertisements. Groups of dealer networks can also be created that make it easy to channel market to specific regions.

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