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Krank auctions
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Krank’s online equipment auction platform let’s you host your auctions without having to pay a seller fee. Get the best deals with Krank’s bespoke tools including networking, virtual tours, Bid Boost and more.

Krank auction
key features

  • The basics - Set when your auction will take place
  • Privacy - You choose who will see and bid on your auction.
  • Setting reserves - Set your reserve price
  • Hit the bid - Accept your highest bid at any time and trigger a 24hr count down for remaining bidders
  • Krank tag – quick link so you can share & promote your auction
  • Transfer auction – give the auction to a colleague so they are now the admin

Simple steps to hosting your first auction

Harnessing Krank’s proprietary network-market technology, you can securely control the entire deal flow.

  • Sign up & create profile
  • Invite your contacts
  • Create your listings
  • Convert to auction
  • Promote
  • Sell your items
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Core Privacy

Krank’s privacy policy forbids the sale of your data to any 3rd party.

It’s your equipment that’s for sale-not your data.

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